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Tuesday, 13 March 2018

TV series: 50 Kitchens, one City - Australia

A cross media film production about Berlin based restaurants

TV and web series with the Australian restaurant Allan's Breakfast Club

One of the best places in Berlin for a great breakfast, a relaxed atmosphere and a very charming host: Allan's Breakfast Club in Prenzlauer Berg. Allan Bourbon was born in France, but spent most of his life in Australia before coming to Berlin to open his restaurant. For this reason he represents Australia in the TV series 50 kitchens, one city. „I work in hospitality, in gastronomy since I am 11 years old. So my mum had a restaurant in France and I always had been good with customers, always surrounded by people. This is how my things started about the hospitality”, Allan tells us during the film production. The small, but fancy restaurant conveys best the Australian way of life. At the latest when the chef serves his homemade avocado bagel with hand-picked salmon, it will be perfect. Allan explains that the dish evokes the ocean, the waves and the Australian lifestyle in his memory. "It reminds me of how simple good things can be.”

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Tuesday, 27 February 2018

TV series: 50 Kitchens, one City - USA

A cross media film production about Berlin based restaurants

TV and web series with the American restaurant Nalu Diner

Oliver Miller wanted to discover something new when he came to Berlin after completing his master's degree in architecture in early 2000. At first he thought of publishing a magazine about architecture, but then everything worked out differently, as he tells us during our day of shooting. Like almost every venture that the American realizes, it arises out of his own need, whenever he misses something. So he played table tennis with a friend in winter outside in Monbijou Park. It was cold, uncomfortable and no cosy opportunity to take a break with a beer. The idea for a ping-pong bar was born. A short time later, he opened Dr. Pong in Prenzlauer Berg. The bar became an institution in Berlin's nightlife.

But much more, Oliver missed, after a night in the Berlin clubs, to have directly a good breakfast, 24 hours a day, according to the American tradition, with bottomless coffee inclusive. The idea for an American diner was born. In 2012, Oliver Miller opened his Nalu Diner. "Typical American breakfast for me is a combination of things that are cooked directly before they are served. So that is what we call short order cooking in the US. That is very different from what Americans call a continental breakfast, And in any American breakfast, the eggs are very important, no matter in what form”, Oliver Miller explains. For sure, that we prepared a typical American breakfast for 50 kitchens, one city: Denver omelette with peppers and boiled ham.

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Sunday, 18 February 2018

TV series: 50 Kitchens, one City - Korea

A cross media film production about Berlin based restaurants

TV and web series with the Korean restaurant Kimchi Princess

When we met Young-Mi for the shooting in Kreuzberg, she told us very impressively her story, which has a lot to do with intuition, longing, perseverance and a great deal of courage. After all, Young-Mi is a trained actress and was just about to start her career after she got a starring role in a movie during her drama course. She moved to Berlin and stayed, even after the film was shot. "Berlin is a very special city for me because I believe that in no part of the world people could be so relaxed and at the same time experience so much energy. The city is vivid and always changing, but there are also a lot of nice quiet places. It's the best city in the world for me. I just do not want to live anywhere else“, says Young-Mi. We would miss her too, because with her idea of offering Korean food in Berlin, she has hit a nerve of the times. This was again accidental and was owed - only so much - a bet with a friend.

On a design market in Berlin, she tried out whether the Berliners would like Korean food and offered Korean crepes and kimchi. Kimchi, the pickled cabbage next to the bibimbap - which we prepared together - probably is the most popular food in Korea. Since Young-Mi quickly needed a name for her small business, which was not designed for the future, and her friends always called her Kimchi Princess at that time, her decision had been made. Kimchi Princess then became the first restaurant which Young-Mi started in 2009. Two more followed. We can conclude that Berliners love Korean food and not just them.

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Wednesday, 31 January 2018

TV series: 50 Kitchens, one City - Spain

A cross media film production about Berlin based restaurants

TV and web series with the Cuban restaurant La Pequena Habana

A passionate chef and a sommelier meet in Berlin and quickly realize that they share the same idea of ​​a really good restaurant. They love to establish a place that stands out. So they open a gastrobar. Well known in their homeland Spain, in Berlin a unique selling point. They offer small, extraordinary dishes to share, plus the right beverage selection and a great deal of coziness. And everyone feels like being at a friends dining room. "To create something new in the kitchen, you have to understand the tradition," says head chef Ager Uriguen. So for 50 kitchens, one city he prepares Bacalao al pil pil, a traditional Basque dish, and Giovanni Gonzalez Miranda serves the right wine. "Eating, friends, laughing, drinking, that's just part of our culture. All this we can combine here in our restaurant, "adds the sommelier. Lets go to Neukölln, to friends, to Txokoa!

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Monday, 22 January 2018

TV series: 50 Kitchens, one City - Nigeria

A cross media film production about Berlin based restaurants

TV and web series with the Nigerian restaurant Pan Africa

Frank Anyangbe laughs when he talks about his life. And this laugh comes from the heart, because he is proud of what he has achieved. An own African restaurant, a successful catering service, a happy family. In his Pan Africa restaurant, the Nigerian serves African dishes and calls his concept Cross African. Why? The menu features recipes from the south, as well as from the north of Africa. So the chef wants to inspire as many people as possible for his kitchen. For the DW TV series 50 kitchens, one city it has to be Nigerian. So Frank prepares Egusi for us, a traditional food from his homeland. "We Nigerians think our food is best," Frank tells us, nods, laughs and takes a big handful of Egusi.

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