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Film production company Berlin - Film and TV Agency

We are a professional full-service film production company in the heart of Berlin.

We make films!

At Basiliscus Film, Stephanie Drescher and Uwe Schwarze are the well-practised team behind the film productions.

We develop reports, magazine features, documentaries and TV series for national and international TV stations. For companies, ministries and associations, we produce cooperate films, industry reports, explainer videos, event films and also offer live stream production.

Stephanie and Uwe share a passion for film work and storytelling. We implement our film concepts with fresh ideas and at the highest visual level.

Stephanie Drescher film production Berlin

Stephanie Drescher

director | author | executive producer

Steph a passionate television journalist and the expert for research, conception and editorial content.

At Basiliscus Film she ensures informative and clear content, monitors budgets and coordinates processes during production.

cameraman Berlin Uwe Schwarze film production

Uwe Schwarze

director of photography | cameraman | drone

comes from the creative field. He is a cameraman and editor and the contact person for all technical questions at Basiliscus Film.

Uwe is responsible for all technical aspects of our film productions, from camera work to post-production. In doing so, Uwe always ensures high-quality films.

Consultation and convincing communication are important to us. We are critical and consistent when it comes to the cinematic and content-related implementation of our concepts.

Content and topics

Our topics are as diverse as the world itself: Art, culture, politics, science, economy and society. We are sensitive observers and want to tell stories that are touching, relevant and, of course, entertaining.

Our aim is to capture the zeitgeist and the people who shape it. Our films are characterised by our own creative visual language. We dive deep, stay close and are not afraid to cross genre boundaries.

For us, our work means using our full cinematic and dramaturgical potential to achieve the best result for our clients.

Film team

Our team brings together experienced filmmakers from all areas of film production.

Our strengths are moving stories and convincing storyboards. That is our claim and our drive. With a dedicated network of experienced camera operators and ENG crews, we realise a wide range of film projects both nationally and internationally.

We draw on more than twenty years of experience in the film business. We have learned our craft from scratch and are filmmakers through and through.

Director of Photography Line Kühl
Director of Photography
Director of Photography Jens Grumpelt
Director of Photography
Camera Crew
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Sound Recordists Anna Brinks
Sound Recordists
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Media training
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Media training
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In action for you!
  • Film production Berlin corporate video
    Filming for an corporate film
  • Setting Multicamera-Interview
    Stephanie Drescher conducting an interview
  • Camera team Film production Berlin
    Our camera team shooting for a TV series
  • Cameraman Uwe Schwarze
    Cameraman in Action!