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Showreel 2019

Film and video footage with drones — Our drone showreel

Actually many of our customers love the aerial perspective. Drone filming is the filming technique that everyone’s talking about. In the past few years we filmed with our various drones impressive aerial footage for very different film projects. These aerial shots are always fascinating and have a special appeal for the viewer, because the drones allow a unique view from an unusual perspective. Filming from the air gives filmmakers an incredible creative freedom.

However, we only use our drones in film projects where the bird's eye perspective makes sense. We are no flight acrobats or daredevils, but we love challenges. We are always looking for a unique shot or a new, unusual perspective. Flying a drone over landscapes, buildings or streets is an intensive film experience that stands for itself.

Drone shots can be used in very different businesses and are particularly suitable for corporate films and commercials. It is also worthwhile to film an event with a drone to generate extraordinary shots. The fully qualified in-house team of Basiliscus Film will be happy to advise you.