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TV journalism for TV Broadcasting

Film production Atelier Niemann
Filming the Berlin illustrator Christoph Niemann
Kimchi Princess Interview Basiliscusfilm
A typical Interview situation
TV production Restauration Botticelli
TV production about the restoration of a painting by Botticelli
Film production TV Serie food videos
Filmtill form pur TV Serie »50 kitchens, one City«

TV magazine reports for different television programs

Develop a dramaturgy in a few minutes, tell a story, convey important facts, objectively and informatively, at a high journalistic level. All this makes a good magazine report.

We cover current topics from politics, culture and society with great experience and always have your individual programming in mind. We are totally profound in our research and it takes as long as it takes until we gathered every little detail we need for the story. We love facts, not fake. It is our job to provide answers to questions that people, the world and we are dealing with every day.

How we can tell a good and maybe also complicated issue in an exciting way, that is something we decide individually with each new request. We look forward to your call.

Conceptual design of TV series

A TV series always examines and analyzes a superordinate issue or a conceptual idea. The single stories of the episodes of a series can be finalized or build on each other. It depends on the individual story.

We develop and produce non-fictional series for television programs with its focus on information and culture. We absolutely believe that the development of a series today should always address cross-media needs. This will be the future. Our TV series are deeply thought over in terms of their content and visual approach. With every new production, we search for new and innovative creative ideas.

A part from the TV series »Masterpieces revisited«

TV reports with high standards

A report is emotional and near the mark of an issue. It is always based on in-depth research, clear observations, interviews and comments. It mixes the subjective view of the filmmakers with facts and well-edited information. It has a mission: It wants to bring a good story into the world, to the people. The spectators become eyewitnesses to a cinematic reality.

We love television reports because they let us immerse in another cosmos of a person, a theme or situation for a longer period. We as filmmakers and journalists always go on an expedition. The best part of this journey is to be caught off guard by the stories that life tells.

TV production Berlin: Documentaries on relevant topics

A film documentary is probably the supreme discipline in journalism. It places an issue in a larger context and provides the big picture, always keeping the objective view. As with the reportage, the documentary requires in-depth research. Sometimes it works additively with archive footage, photos and other documents to tell a comprehensive story. Interviews ensure authenticity.

The documentary is closely related to current events, but has a thematically wide range. It informs and questions and leaves space for new ones. In a documentary, we as journalists always trace a certain theme and reproduce what we find. We tell it, like it is. We love this work. It is a challenge and gives us the chance to sharpen our view of the world.