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  • Corporate video Berlin with the Beuth publishing house
    Corporate video production: Shooting at Beuth-publishing in Berlin
  • camera crew corporate video Berlin
    The employees of the company are the actors in the film…
  • video production Berlin corporate video
    ...and will promote your software product in this corporate film.

Corporate video, Berlin: The corporate video for your company

A corporate video is still one of the best ways to present you, your values, your origin story and your work to a broad public. A video is direct and conveys information in an entertaining way. It is emotional, striking and revealing. But by now, everyone has a corporate video, don’t they? Is it still the right solution to attract attention as a company, organization, foundation or association? Isn't it time for something different? Something that corresponds to the spirit of the times, something new and hip?

A corporate video is all of this, provided you use its full potential. The way you want to present yourself requires individual storytelling. And that should be contemporary, innovative and sometimes wild and new – just as you wish.

You want to present your company with a corporate video and thus contribute to a positive public image? Whether it's a company, a craft business, an association or an agricultural company – at the beginning you should be clear about the story you are telling and which target group you want to reach. Who do you want to address? Sometimes this question is not easy to answer.

Storytelling – Let's find together the story worth telling

Every company has a story. It varies, it is individual and it is worth discovering. Before you commission a film production company to produce a corporate video, you should think about your company story. Of course, we will also help you with that, because storytelling is an important part of pre-production. You give us the key points and we create the story together with you.

Customers often come to us and refer to a competitor's corporate video: That's exactly how they would like their corporate video to be. You should free yourself from this desire. Your goal should be to stand out from the competition and to work out your unique selling proposition. Every company deserves its very own, tailor-made corporate video. And that is essential in our fast-moving times, in which the attention span is constantly decreasing, because the content of a video finds access to new customers much faster than full-page company catalogs.

corporate video production Berlin

What does a corporate video can do and achieve?

With a professional corporate video, you have the tool to emphasize your strengths and capabilities, tell the history of your company and talk about your products, explain your goals and values or present your research projects.

A good corporate video conveys concentrated messages in the shortest possible time and also has a high entertainment value. It fulfills two important business aspects at the same time: It informs about your company and it convinces new customers. In addition, a corporate video can be used in many ways. You can send your corporate video to your customers as a marketing tool. It serves optimally as a company presentation at job interviews to convey your corporate identity. Or show your corporate video at the upcoming trade fair. You will see that it will attract the necessary attention.

What are the most important aspects of a corporate video?

Your corporate video should be between two and a maximum of five minutes long. Beyond that, it becomes difficult to hold viewers' attention permanently.

Use music, because music gives pictures and spoken text the emotional foundation that turns your video into great cinema. Impressive, emotional and royalty-free music doesn't cost a fortune.

We recommend that you have your corporate video produced by a professional film team that has enough experience for distinctive settings but also for good film sound. A corporate video needs modern graphic elements that support your communication strategy. A corporate video can be set to music by a professional voice-over artist or you can tell your story personally – which we would always advise in most cases. The important keywords here: closeness and authenticity!

Authenticity – the most important quality that your corporate video should hav

Remember that agricultural company we mentioned at the beginning? Imagine you are this company. For decades, you have practiced conventional farming. Now you decide to shift your company to organic farming. It's an expensive and lengthy process. But you are determined. What motivated you personally to make this decision? At this point, it’s your call to be the protagonist and voice-over artist. If a professional voice-over artist were to tell your story, you would be giving away a lot of truthfulness. YOU have to tell us your story! YOU have to convince the audience.

On the other hand, there are always corporate videos that do without the personal story of the company owner or without a professional voice-over artist at all. A good example of this is our corporate video for the company aap. The Berlin based company develops and produces medical technology and medical products for traumatology. Using only expressive footage from the production, a dynamic selection of music and explanatory graphic elements, we realized a corporate video that describes the company's care and quality standards in the manufacture of medical products.

Example of a corporate video by aap Implantate AG that does not require a voice-over artist

Link to more corporate videos

Why do we need a corporate video and why should we invest in it?

Nowadays, a corporate video belongs in every marketing package and should not be missing in any successful marketing strategy, because it promotes you and your company. Of course, this also causes costs, but the great and very decisive advantage of a corporate video is that you address your customers personally. With a film tailored to you, a customer dives into your company world and gets to know you and your individual story. Your customers learn what values you represent in your company, get to know your brand and your products.

This creates transparency, credibility and closeness to your target group. You support potential new customers in their decision to choose your company. A good story builds trust. A corporate video is the basis for this.

The use of a corporate film in social networks and on the Internet

People love moving pictures. Every minute, incredible masses of photos and films are uploaded and distributed on the Internet. Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and YouTube provide the platforms for this, and others are sure to follow. The trend of watching videos on the Internet is not stopping, on the contrary, it is constantly increasing. At this point, you may be wondering why you have to do your part and whether this makes sense at all? We answer this question with a clear: Yes!

The only thing that matters is that you stand out from the crowd. To be a lighthouse that generates attention. Need help with this? We’ll be happy to support you with our expertise and show you ways of placing your corporate video in the best possible way on the Internet and in social networks. Want to be seen? That's exactly our job – contact us!

Process of a corporate film production:

  • Inquiry via phone +49 (0)30 42 80 33 02 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • First free consultation
  • Our first cost estimate and a rough calculation
  • Comprehensive briefing from you and initial ideas for implementation from us
  • On-site inspection of the shooting locations and getting to know all the protagonists who are to play a role in the film
  • Binding offer including all items we have discussed
  • First storyboard by us
  • Joint planning of the shooting days
  • Film shooting: After good planning and a detailed storyboard, the shooting days should go smoothly
  • Post-production: The footage is uploaded and a first cut version is created
  • Do you like our music selection? Which voice-over artist should provide the soundtrack for your corporate video? Which graphic elements such as logos, lower thirds and end credits still need to be produced? Do you want simple or animated graphics?
  • If all these questions have been answered: production of the final version
  • After approval, dubbing, sound mixing and color grading follow.
  • Your corporate video is ready and you get the agreed playouts