Basiliscus Film is a Berlin based film production. As a full-service company, we develop and produce industrial and corporate films, web videos and TV reports.

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Video Production of Industrial films

Industrial films are made to show specific production processes and outstanding engineering services in your company. An industrial film conveys complex sequences in expressive images and works out the unique features of your company.

Strong impressions of your industrial processes

Industrial film is always important if you want to show your customers or investors how your manufacturing company works, if you want to map manufacturing processes, if you have special engineering excellence that you are proud of and that you produce with high quality.

The industrial film takes place in industry

Unlike the corporate film, industrial videos need to be filmed in factories, laboratories, workshops or similar environments. It aims at a very specific target group. By doing so, it can familiarize the viewer with work processes that have a high information density and explain very specific production processes. The meaning and use of an industrial film can range from information for fundraising to being a visual guide for distributors to serving as industry overview for new staff.

Tailor-made video production for your target group

How to do that best, we will find out together with you in a non-binding consultation. Because careful planning is an important basis for a successful industrial film. And filming an industrial video may take also specialized skills for the filming crew. In particular, shooting in huge, noisy factory halls, at great heights or extraordinary heat or involving uniquely loud machinery. Industrial video shooting demands flexibility from the producers and film crew.

You are the professional in your industrial company and you know the target group you want to reach and we are the professionals and your partner in all production processes that are important for a successful film. Incidentally, industrial film production has a long tradition in Germany. Films for the economy have already been produced as silent films. Since then a lot has happened.