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50 Kitchens, one City is a 50-part cross media web and tv series about food and restaurants in Berlin – produced on behalf of Deutsche Welle

Berlin, many people say, it is the most beautiful city in the world. It is known for its diversity, its open-mindedness and its possibilities. It is not only the most exciting metropolises in Europe, but also a place where many different cultures come together. People from more than 189 nations live in Berlin. And it is quite clear that they all contribute something of their home countries to Berlin. This makes the city a colorful melting pot of cultures.

World cuisine in Berlin

Some of the people start a new life here, open a restaurant and offer the delicacies of their homeland. Because food has a special meaning for all cultures. Eating unites and brings people together around a table. Eating means sharpening the senses, means enjoyment and memory. One of the most important cultural assets besides language is the cuisine of a country.

50 best food cultures, 50-part food series

In 2016, Basiliscus Film produced on behalf of Deutsche Welle the fifty-part TV series 50 Kitchens, one City. We got an intimate insight into the gastronomic diversity of Berlin, visited the best restaurants in the city, met the most excellent chefs and tasted the most delicious recipes of the world.

The result is 50 films about people who came to Berlin for very different reasons. 50 films, which serve as a gastronomic guide through the city. Each episode provides insights into the culinary world of Berlin today and also presents an appetizing recipe from one of the worlds amazing cuisines, prepared exclusively for euromaxx.