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TV series: 50 Kitchens, one City – Thailand

A cross media film production about Berlin based restaurants

TV and web series with the Thai restaurant »Dao by Meo«

Good vibrations, lots of fun, traditional Thai food and a little bit of sun: Pratina Kross would like to bring all this to Berlin. After spending a day with her at her Dao by Meo restaurant in Charlottenburg, we know she's fulfilling all of her wishes. Pratina, when she came to Germany in 1997, was first disappointed by her new home. She thought everything is pink and beautiful. But it was cold, constantly dark, she did not understand the language, and knew no one. But the Thai woman has a rather sunny disposition and at the same time is a very good businesswoman. Ambitiously, she pursues her goals. Beside her restaurant, she also runs a cooking school. Here, Pratina prepares for us a yellow curry with chicken according to an old family recipe. Delicious!


Deutsche Welle TV | euromaxx


International Restaurants in Berlin


April 2016 – April 2017


  • Research, organization and planning of the film production
  • Shooting with own equipment (Sony FS7, Nikon D800)
  • directing and interviews
  • Post production and color grading with AVID Symphony on MacPro
  • Research and music selection
  • Photo editing and motion graphics with After Effects
  • Adding of German and English graphic elements
  • Writing the off-text for the speaker and the book
  • Transcoding for HD exploitation