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Recruiting videos – attract skilled workers with films

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There is a great shortage of well-trained specialists, especially in technical professions
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We put you and your team in the right light for your recruiting video

Recruiting problems? Not with our recruiting videos!

The shortage of skilled workers is an issue that keeps on concern in Germany. It is important to explain that this means the research for skilled workers with a very specific qualification and not just workers. It often takes many months before a position finds its counterpart. We can help you shorten this waiting time with a recruiting film.

When companies, institutions or associations find themselves in this situation, it is important for them to stand out from their competitors when it comes to recruiting the best specialists. This is the moment where we from Basiliscus Film spring into action. We develop and produce a recruiting video for your company. The video aims to address your special target group and find the best talent for your business. With the recruiting video we will support your active recruitment. Such a recruiting video can then be used in forums and specialized groups on social media channels, provide video content on your website and strengthen the goals of your employer branding.

We help you to present an authentic, attractive and, above all, distinguishable work environment and to present your employer brand in a credible way.

What soft skills can your company offer

Recruiting videos should reflect everyday work in your company. This is not about selling a product, but about recruiting new employees for your company and addressing the most creative, motivated and committed applicants. These so-called soft skills of the applicants such as creativity or motivation distinguish companies. This could be very typical aspects such as the working atmosphere, promotion and career opportunities, family-friendly working hours, team spirit or flat hierarchies.

But social commitment, healthy eating, in-house fitness studios or the support of environmental projects can also be important soft skills of your company. For many young applicants, these aspects are the decisive factor when it comes to determining which of the available companies they want to get involved in with their professional competence.

Recruiting videos should be authentic

Recruiting videos have to be authentic! In this case we your employees play the most important role and we depend on their cooperation. You tell us and the applicants you would like to address how everyday work is organized in your company. Honesty and transparency are the key factors to be convincing. You should forget about ready-made statements. Offer your employees a stage. But also keep in mind that nobody should be forced to stand on this stage, of course. You know your employees best. Who has something to tell and: Who can speak freely and without hesitation in front of a camera?

Are you unsure about your choice? We are happy to support you and work with you to find out who ideally represents your company.

► Recruiting film for a Berlin start-up in which the employees introduce their company:

Who do you want to address?

Which recruiting video do you need? That depends crucially on which position you want to fill. Does your company need an experienced engineer, an IT system administrator with many years of experience, or are you looking for young people for an apprenticeship? Because on this we decide how the video is structured, which type of storytelling we consider suitable and which channels should be used for the finished video.

The fact is that young people, the so-called millennials, use very different platforms and channels today. Knowing these channels and addressing Generation Z with a suitable recruiting video is important and essential in order to find the right candidates for your vacant positions.