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Live streaming service from Berlin

camera livestream offer berlin
3 cameras are the standard equipment of our livestream offers
livestream offer berlin
Livestreams of concerts and congresses
livestream event offer
Realise or supplement events with livestreams

What is a live stream?

Large and small live streaming offers for Berlin

Live-streaming is a modern technique of broadcasting your event real-time to viewers that gain access to the video and audio via the internet. This way, the audience can be present at your event live from home, the office or from anywhere they want.

Whether theatre performances, press conferences, expert talks, concerts, panel discussions or lectures: with online streaming, you enable your customers from anywhere in the world to become part of your event.

We have the technology, you choose the event

You have decided to use online live video streaming on the internet for your target group, but now what? We are your production team that will help you with the planning, organize the technical implementation of the live stream and realize the later post-production.

We provide all the technical equipment to stream your event online in Full HD quality. As a full-service streaming provider, we bring you the right video, sound and streaming technology. If you wish, we will also create a compilation of your event in post-production. This way, you can make your event and the most important details available for your target group even after the live broadcast.

In the beginning, some customers are unsure how such an offer can be realized, which space is suitable and which technical requirements are needed. Our service includes offering you a free on-site consultation and then, together with you, trying to answer and clarify any questions that have arisen in connection with your planned live stream event.

Our attractive basic equipment includes:

  • 3 UHD cameras with live direction and live image mixing
  • Sound mixing console and three wireless microphones
  • Inclusion of font graphics and text boards in the form of belly ties, opener and closing board
  • Use of external HDMI computer signals (e.g., for slideshows, graphics or PowerPoint presentations)
  • Reworking of the recording in a later post-production and provision as an mp4 file to download

What else could be interesting for your live stream?

  • More than three camera settings
  • There is no stationary internet at the venue: you need a portable LTE internet connection
  • Lighting technology
  • Interactivity with your viewers
  • Chat and feedback features
  • Start polls on specific topics or create surveys; all live during your live event

How live-streaming works?

Users of your live streaming service can receive your program on any device, be it a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone and this regardless of the operating system. The broadcast can be available in video, audio, or both streams. Also, viewers can interact with the person broadcasting the media, as well as other viewers, through text chat or webcam video. The live stream is not permanently stored on the receiving device, which is not desired in most cases.

There are a few platforms that you can choose for the live streaming, but make sure that it reaches your target audience. In most cases, existing video portals such as YouTube or Vimeo or social media channels such as Facebook are used as a streaming destination. You can easily integrate the players of these portals into your website or define the websites of these providers as the place of publication. If you have your own streaming server: even better. Then all the content stays with you.

Why use live streaming for your event?

Sustainability is an important issue for your company? Admittedly, we live in a global world where we are all constantly on the move. But does that make sense? Personal encounters are also important for us, especially with customers we do not yet know. But since the emergence of the Corona pandemic, video calls and video conferencing have become more and more important, and we are all learning to save a lot of time and resources.

And so it is not surprising that the transmission of events over the Internet is also becoming more and more significant and that you can actually let even more people participate in your events. Because our live streaming offers are unlimited and people from all over the world can join us. This increases the potential and reach of your event. Think about it and get started.

You can find more information on this topic in our german BLOG.

Examples of successfully conducted livestreaming. Here for the Pro Generika association with three cameras, two of them guided.