Production of corporate films - our references

Reference projects of our film production from the category image films with a variety of economic, cultural and socio-political topics

Our references: Corporate film, opening films for congresses and event films

In today's visual-media world, images, photos and videos are becoming increasingly important. A corporate film is now part of every good marketing strategy and may not be missing on any company website, because this is where it becomes an eye-catcher. It serves as a presentation of companies, institutions and associations and the promotion of brands and is one of the most successful means to achieve a high level of attention, because a film has a great reach in social networks and also offers otherwise diverse presentation options.

Corporate films as part of every good marketing strategy

A well-made corporate film is entertaining, bundles the most important information into an exciting narrative structure and leaves a lasting impression on the audience. Thus, the corporate film becomes an excellent tool for the worldwide acquisition of new customers and the dissemination of information. With great experience Basiliscus Film develops corporate films that will be remembered.

Dedicated film crew for your corporate film

Stephanie Drescher and Uwe Schwarze have more than 20 years’ experience as filmmakers. They work tirelessly to ensure that all projects meet the strict and high standards of Basiliscus Film. Their skills as filmmakers are continuing to expand, because they always want the best for every new project. Telling good stories, shooting moving pictures, having extraordinary ideas and creating quality concepts: these are the basics of our corporate film production. The result is satisfied customers.


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