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EGA-Conference film 2015

Conference film production for EGA in Berlin

An invitation film for conference participants

In June the 21st annual EGA conference will take place in Berlin at the Hilton Hotel. On this occasion, the EGA would like to invite their guests and potential participants with a short film.

In the film the EGA president Nick Haggar, Alan Sheppard (IMS Health Europe), Bork Bretthauer (President Pro Generic eV) and Nicola Bedlington (European Patient‘s Forum) appeal to their audience directly, briefly mention the main topics of the conference and draw their listeners to Berlin. Berlin is presented as a vibrant, cosmopolitan city. We show the major landmarks of the German capital. With the colorful film viewers will get pleasure to come to the EGA conference in Berlin.

Berlin! Basiliscus Film produced the invitation and conference film!


Association Medicines for Europe


Invitation film for the European Congress


April 2015


  • Research, organization and planning of the film production in Berlin, Germany
  • Shooting with own equipment (Sony FS7, Nikon D800)
  • directing and interviews
  • Post production and color grading with AVID Symphony on MacPro
  • Graphic animation with After effects
  • Research and music selection
  • Adding of German and English graphic elements
  • Writing the off-text for the speaker
  • Transcoding for HD exploitation