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Films and video clips for your social media channels

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    Social media videos and clips are mostly used on mobile devices...
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    ...and age does not play a role...
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    ... but the content of your video clips for Instagram, Facebook or Tik Tok does!

Social media films are the all-binding form of communication

The question is not whether, but: how!

The popularity and spread of social media channels is currently as huge, so that companies, associations or cultural institutions can no longer ask themselves whether they want to be represented on and use such channels, but only: How!

The forms of communication that you can use as player for your social media marketing (SMM) range from text, images (photo), graphics, audio up to video. Film is the medium that can combine all forms of communication, and is perhaps precisely for this reason the most popular medium on the internet at present. Many studies on media usage behavior make it clear that particularly short and expressive videos are popular with users of popular search engines and social media networks. For some years now, we have also received more and more inquiries for classic web films that are conceptualized to two to three minutes. In addition, more and more clients ask for short extracts from their web films for the use of their social media platforms. The social media clips advertise the web film.

The decisive goal when using social media channels is the interaction with the users. Your target group should feel like sharing, commenting and maybe even helping to create the videos. If you decide to use web films, you should abandon the classic single-post thinking. Use the opportunity to work with Cliffhangers and develop your web videos as a series. Tell your stories across multiple episodes, and bind your target group even more to your channels with behind-the-scenes photo stories.

Which format is best for our social media film

Before you commission a film for your social media channels, it is important to decide which final format you like or need. The reason for this is the almost exclusive use of social media on mobile devices. Here the user has it in his or her hands in the truest sense of the word, how he or she holds his or her smartphone. And: in the vast majority of cases, people use their mobile phone in portrait format.

So we need to discuss this topic in advance with you. If we have not agreed in the preparation and planning phase which playback channels should be used for your social media film, and we have produced the films in the classic 16: 9 format, then it can happen that subsequent reformatting will result in completely different image statements. We like to give you an example that shows what this means for your individual film.

Different image formats on social media

Generate new customers with a web video

The 16: 9 format or landscape format is the image format that corresponds to human vision. The human field of vision covers an aspect ratio of approximately 3:2. But people are lazy and very often films that were created in 16: 9 format are viewed on a smartphone held upright. This means that the film is reduced to the smallest possible size. To get around this, the user would only have to turn the phone 90° once, but that doesn't even occur to many people.

Films in 16:9 format viewed in portrait format

One video format for all social media channels?

Unfortunately not! There is not just one format that works on all channels. And: The specifications of the individual platforms change very quickly. We are happy to recommend the 1: 1 format to our customers. The space on the screen is best used here, regardless of how the user is holding the smartphone. But you cannot use this format everywhere. On Instagram it works for videos up to 60 seconds. All films that are longer are forwarded to IGTV and a format of 16: 9 or 9:16 is mandatory. One of these examples that show how important it is to clarify the final format when designing and planning your social media films.