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Examples of our trailer and teaser production

Short and eye-catching advertising clips for your social media channels

Trailers and teasers for promotion, announcements for social media platforms

Trailers are short excerpts, scenes and sequences from longer films, with the intention of promoting them. The aim is to arouse curiosity about the feature film, to establish characters and actors and to describe the story without revealing too much to the viewer.

However, we also use the term trailer for films and videos that have a very short running time, are mainly used as social media content and do not have the purpose of referring to longer films. In our understanding, a trailer can also promote a book, an exhibition, a trade fair or a concert.

Trailers are usually cut very quickly and provided with animated text inserts, video effects and text panels. Our post-production department is responsible for this. This enables them to convey all relevant messages despite their brevity.

A teaser is even shorter than a trailer, it should be no more than a minute long.