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Trailer for a film by Andreas Dresen

Film shooting and post-production for the film production company Pandora Film

A clip for social media – film premiere of Andreas Dresen's new film »Rabiye Kurnaz vs. George W. Bush«.

Director Andreas Dresen presents his new film »Rabiye Kurnaz against George W. Bush« at the 72nd Berlinale in Berlin, and a cameraman from Basiliscus Film is with him the whole day of premiere. We get the assignment from the production company Pandora Film to accompany Andreas Dresen and the entire film team on the day of the film premiere at the Berlinale and to produce a short trailer out of it. We are supposed to be up close and personal, capturing ceremonial scenes, exuberant moods. In this case an easy task, because a film premiere is always connected with excitement and anticipation and of course with a lot of good moods.

Silver Bear for the best acting performance and the award for the best screenplay

It was important for us to show all the participants in different situations. So we filmed them having lunch together, at the press conference and of course on the red carpet. In this way, we show the atmosphere of the entire day particularly well, fun, crackling and lively. At any time, you can also feel the good mood in the entire production team. Meltem Kaplan plays Rapiye Kurnaz and she bubbles with wit and energy. We quickly notice that the film is a big concern for everyone. To tell the story of Rabiye Kurnaz, who also was at the Berlinale by the way, a mother who picks an argument with the most powerful man in the world, George W. Bush, the American president. She is fighting for the release of her son Murat from Guantanamo. For this she even goes all the way to the Supreme Court in Washington.

An exciting day, an inspiring film crew and many beautiful moments.

And in the end, the film also wins two awards at the Berlinale: Meltem Kaplan gets the Silver Bear for Best Acting Performance in a Leading Role. Laila Stieler for the best screenplay.




Film premiere Berlin



February 2021


  • VJ cameraman and post-production
  • Shooting with own equipment (DJI Ronin S, Nikon Z 6)
  • Postproduction and colorgrading with AVID Symphony on MacPro
  • Research and music selection
  • Graphic animation with Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects
  • Transcoding for HD exploitation