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Book camera teams in Berlin

Basiliscus Film provides either EB-camera teams or just a highly qualified cameraman with additional skills of a sound engineer. Our prices vary with the choice of equipment, as well as your claims.

  • Special 2-person camera crew Berlin
  • classic 2-person camera team Berlin
  • small 1-person camera team Berlin

Hire and Book camera crews: with or without editorial support

The exclusive 3-person camera crew Berlin

Editor, camera, sound

Our Berlin based camera crews can be booked as a three-person team, consisting of a camera operator, a sound recordist and a director. The crew organises the shooting dates, keeps a close eye on the schedule of the shooting day, conducts the interviews if needed and feels responsible for the well-being of the protagonists to help your shoot run smoothly.

The classic 2-person camera team Berlin

camera, sound

The classic camera crew is a two-person team. It consists of a camera operator and a sound recordist and we also cater to clients who need a professional 2-person camera crew for their project. The organisation and editorial work in this case lies in the hand of the client. So if you are a director / journalist yourself and you are looking for a professional camera crew based in Berlin, you can of course book our service. We’re looking forward to hearing from you to help you realise your next film project!

The special 2-person camera crew Berlin

camera, editor

The special 2-person camera crew consists of a cameraperson, who also takes over the tasks of the sound recordist and a director.

In recent years we have had a wealth of experience in this field and have realised many film productions in this constellation. The advantage lies not only in the clear cost savings, but our protagonists also appreciate this “private” option very much. We experience time and again that the people in front of the camera find a smaller team less disturbing. The people open up much more quickly and we get better access.

The small 1-person camera team Berlin or VJ


The smallest team is the VJ, short for video journalist. One woman or one man for everything: camera, sound and editing. Well suited for filming at congresses and events where you only need a professional camera person to capture the impressions and atmosphere of the event. So: »Run & gun«, as we like to say.

How is our camera team in Berlin equipped?

What else could be of interest to you?

  • Manfrotto Slider (1 meter)
  • GoPros
  • Handheld Gimbal DJI Ronin RS2
  • Drones
  • Recorder: Atomos Ninja V
  • Monitor: Atomos Shinobi
  • Wireless video for clients and directors

Take a look at our german rental price list. There you will find other video equipment that could be of interest for your film production. You can find more information about our productions on our german BLOG site.