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Planning and design of web videos

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Video production: The web video – Produced for the internet

Most web videos are short clips that are produced exclusively for the internet and appear in a variety of formats on the many social media channels that there are. They speak their very own distinct language that varies from the language used in films or on TV. Web videos also have a different target audience.

But one thing is certain: In today’s world, more than 80% of Germany’s consumers get their information on the internet.

A web video offers you the opportunity to quickly and effectively inform your customers about your products or services. At the same time, your web video can also be your corporate film.

Follow this link for more specific information on what to keep in mind when producing videos for your social media channels.

A web video is the all-rounder for your online marketing

A web video creates attention quickly and effectively. And that’s important! The concentration span of users on the internet is low, and it’s tempting to keep changing content quickly.

But two to three minutes are enough for you to introduce yourself and your offer and for the viewer to get to know you as a person. Because personality counts more than you might think. A film can highlight this: It is emotional, direct and entertaining.

A recent example of how short, one-minute film clips can convey a clear message is the seven-part web series on the Corporate Declaration that we produced for the German Employers' Liability Insurance Association for the Construction Industry.

Responsible people from the construction industry explain why they have signed the company declaration and encourage others to do the same.

Generate new clients with a web video

The importance of the internet is ever increasing. And we don’t mean the young people under the age of 35. For these Digital Natives, there has never been a time without the internet. For them, the internet plays a role 24/7.

More and older people are also discovering the possibilities of digital leisure activities and are using all kinds of social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, in addition to the traditional internet.

Films that you position here usually generate users and visitors for your main domain, which is good for your traffic and thus also the importance of your company on the internet. One should not hide the fact that websites with video content are ranked higher by search engines and that your website will be positioned much better in the ranking for specific search queries than websites that only work with text and images.

How to recognise a good web video?

If a web video has been able to reach the full attention of your target audience, is commented on and shared afterwards, and you have thus been able to attract new customers, then it has fulfilled its exact purpose. But for this to happen, it is also important to have a creative concept for your social media marketing and to follow a concrete strategy in achieving your goals.