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Film production TV Series: Masterpieces Revisited

Leonardo Da Vinci' “Mona Lisa”

Leonardo Da Vinci's painting 'La Gioconda' better known as the Mona Lisa, has been fascinating art lovers over the centuries. Painted in the early 16th century, it rose to worldwide fame when it was stolen in 1911.


A journey through Europe to the icons the history of art

Ten paintings that everyone knows. Ten painters and their biographies. Ten masterpieces of art history. Hundreds of thousands times quoted, reproduced and received. In the series "Masterpieces Revisited" we travel to the most famous museums in Europe, show their most famous works and try a new approach to each.

What are the characteristics of Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa to be an icon? Or the scream of Edvard Munch? Advertisers, designers, artists and art historians tell us why the old masterpieces are still very modern. They show us their interpretations and talk with us about their motivations.

In the ten-part TV series "Masterpieces Revisited" the Berlin film production Basiliscus Film dedicates ten pictures on behalf of Deutsche Welle, which gained cult status and our camera team made an extraordinary journey across Europe to the most famous paintings in art history.

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Smart Art - Julia Stoschek Art Collector

TV series about the international art market

Julia Stoschek from Düsseldorf has a collection of 400 works by leading contemporary video artists.

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Smart Art - The art dealer Wolfgang Wittrock

TV series about the international art market

Sixty-two-year-old art dealer Wolfgang Wittrock is something of a detective when it comes to art. He tracks down rare and valuable artworks.

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Smart Art - The Art Collector Harald Falckenberg

TV series about the international art market

We go behind the scenes of international art to meet collector Harald Falckenberg. The German has an impressive collection of contemporary art housed in an old factory in Hamburg. He is also considered one of THE collectors in Europe. In fact, in just 15 years he has rounded up about 1900 works of art. Some of the artists represented include Martin Kippenberger, Paul McCarthy and Daniel Richter.

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Building the Future - Jarmund & Vigsnæs, Norway

TV series about young architects in Europe

In this series we look at some of Europe's most promising young architects and their most important projects. This time we meet the designers at Jarmund & Vigsnæs, one of Norway's most innovative architecture firms.

Building the Future - Gareth Hoskins, Britain

TV series about young architects in Europe

In today's report on the new generation of architects we profile Gareth Hoskins who has played an important part in the renaissance of contemporary architecture in Scotland. Hoskins is recipient of numerous prestigious awards and honors, including an OBE from the Queen just last year. We take a look at his most famous past projects and find out what he's planning for the future.

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Building the Future - GRAFT, Germany

TV series about young architects in Europe

Lars Krückeberg, Thomas Willemeit, and Wolfram Putz founded their company in 1998 while studying in Los Angeles, but relocated to Berlin in 2001. Since then the creative trio have overseen projects in many different countries. The GRAFT team believes that the classic divisions of sleeping, living and working areas are passé and that creating space opens a whole new world of living options.

Building the Future - Fermín Vázquez, Spain

TV series about young architects in Europe

In our series on some of Europe's most promising young architects we today portray Spanish architect Fermin Vasquez who focuses on adapting buildings to suit the climate. He's come up with some unconventional solutions to protect buildings from the negative effects of heat and light.

Building the Future - OFIS, Slovenia

TV series about young architects in Europe

Based in Ljubljana, Ofis arhitekti was founded by Rok Oman and Spela Videcnik. Their unique work has already won them various prestigious international awards.

East End Encounters - Architecture and Design

Our series on this trendy district in London continues with a look into the area's architecture and design.

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