Basiliscus Film is a Berlin based film production. As a full-service company, we develop and produce industrial and corporate films, web videos and TV reports.

Phone: +49.(0)30.42 80 33 02

Basiliscus Film GbR
Frobenstrasse 11, 10783 Berlin

Film and video equipment

Videozubehoer Rig Basiliscusfilm

Film and Video equipment to support our film productions

All our film and video accessories are high-quality film equipment. In order not to experience any surprises at your day of shooting, we continually invest in the latest techniques, and regularly keep our lenses, tripods, light and sound systems.


equipment DSLR Kamera Diverse Nikkor Optiken
Sony E Mount PZ 28 135 mm F4 G OSS
Nikkor lenses equipment Film equipment
Video Equipment DSLR Camera Nikon Makro lens

Nikon Lenses

  • AF-Nikkor 24mm; f/2,8
  • AF-Nikkor 28mm; f/2,8
  • AF-Nikkor 35mm; f/1,8G
  • AF-Nikkor 35mm; f/2
  • AF-Nikkor 50mm; f/1,4G
  • AF-Nikkor 60mm; f2,8D Makro

Nikon Zoom-Lenses

  • AF-Nikkor 70-200mm; f/2,8G
  • AF-Nikkor 24-70mm; f/2,8G ED
  • AF-Nikkor 16-35mm; f/4 ED

Sony Zoom-Lenses

  • AF-Sony E-Mount PZ 28-135 mm F4 G OSS
  • AF-Sony E-Mount PZ 18-110 mm F4 G OSS (Super 35)


video equipment LED light Amaran 200X
Film light Amaran 360° soft light
Amaran 200X 20211214 15
Film light - LED Amaran 200X Silver Dome Softbox
LED small top Panel

LED Lighting

  • Amaran 200X Bicolor LED with several soft boxes
  • LED Film light F&V Bicolor with soft box
  • LED panels Felloni Turbo Bicolor with soft box
  • Several LED small top Panel

Halogen light

  • Dedolight Flight Kit with DLH1 X 150 + DLH4

light accessories

  • brightener 2x1 m with Gold/Silver/white covering
  • brightener 60 cm diameter with white/Gold covering


Diverses Audioequipment Basiliscusfilm
Audiorecorder ZOOM F4 Transporttasche
Sony audio system URX Diversity with two Mobile Receiver UTX B03
ZOOM F4 Audiorecorder 8 track Recording


  • Sennheiser ME 64
  • Sennheiser ME 66
  • Sennheiser MKE 600
  • Rode NTG-1

Wireless Microphone Systems

  • Sennheiser wireless microphone G3
  • Sennheiser wireless microphone AVX
  • SONY URX and 2 UTX-B03
  • 2 Sanken lavalier microphones COS-11D


  • Carbon boom
  • RODE Windshield System
  • Audio-Recorder ZOOM F4


Equipment Camcorder Sachtler FS8 Videostativ
Manfrotto Mini tripod 75mm
Equipment DSLR camera DJI Ronin S Gimbal
Video Equipment DSLR Camera Atomos Ninja V

Tripods and Slider

  • Camgear Elite 18 MS (100 mm)
  • Tripod Sachtler FSB 8
  • Manfrotto tripods and monopods
  • Novoflex Suction mount for GoPro's
  • Camera slider Manfrotto MVS 100 A - length 1 m

External Video-Recorder

  • Atomos Ninja V for Apple ProRes and Avid DNxHD; 4:2:2; 220 MBit with Accessories for HDMI

Stabilization Systems

  • stabilization for DSLR cameras: DJI Ronin S


RIG Filmequipment Video equipment Shoulder Pad
RIG Filmequipment DSLR equipment Universal Cage
RIG Filmequipment Video equipment Top Handle
RIG Filmequipment Video equipment Rod Clamp
RIG Film equipment Video equipment Basisplatte

Tilta shoulder pad BS-T03 for 15mm rods

  • Genustech Mattebox (4x5.65) with Frenchflag and Side Flags
  • diverse 15mm rods
  • Tripod Mounting Platte VCT14 (Sony)
  • Schneider True-Pol Polarizing Filters (4x4)

SmallRig DSLR Cage for 15mm rods to use for DSLR-Kameras until Nikon F6

  • Genustech Mattebox (4x5.65) with Frenchflag and Side Flags
  • Genustech flexible Lense-Adaptor
  • Tripod Mounting plate (Manfrotto)
  • DSLR Baseplate
  • 2 Cold Shoe Adaptors
  • diverse 15mm rods
  • 2 handgrips

Genustech Advanced Adaptor Bar System for 15mm rods

  • Genustech Mattebox (4x5.65) with Frenchflag and Side Flags
  • Genustech flexible Lenses-Adaptor