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Film portrait Artist

The 25th HAP Grieshaber Prize and the prizewinner Nana Petzet

Every year, the VG Bild-Kunst, the Stiftung Kulturwerk, the Stiftung Kunstfonds and the Deutscher Künstlerbund award the HAP Grieshaber Prize to an outstanding artist. Despite its high esteem in the art world, this prize has so far been little known. The founders urgently wanted to change this and commissioned us to produce a short film that not only introduces the prize itself, but also the current prizewinner, Nana Petzet.

Film portrait of the artist

In 2023, Hamburg-based installation and performance artist Nana Petzet was awarded the prize. In her works, she repeatedly addresses topics such as man-made environmental pollution, biodiversity and sustainability. Nana Petzet creates connections between art, nature and science by collaborating with scientists who complement and enrich her artistic methods with their expertise.

»Blendung« (Glare) by Nana Petzet
Nana Petzet with her work »Blendung« (Glare)
The Hamburg artist Nana Petzet
Nana Petzet explains her light traps
Film still Entomological Collection
Analysing the collected nocturnal insects
Nana Petzet and Timo Zeimet
In »Blendung« (Glare) Nana Petzet works together with entomologist Timo Zeimet

For filming in the studio with Nana Petzet

We met Nana Petzet in her studio in Hamburg and were able to gain an insight into her artistic processes. How she approaches her questions almost like a researcher and thus creates her works of art. As part of the award ceremony, the artist will be showing her work »Blendung« in the Deutscher Künstlerbund space in Berlin in January 2024. This addresses the issue of light pollution in public spaces by simulating a lunar cycle using spherical lights that also serve as traps. Which insects fly to the artificial light sources? Which ones don't? Together with scientists, she analyses the results and presents them for the first time in the exhibition, which was created exclusively for the premises of the Deutscher Künstlerbund.

What is the HAP Grieshaber Prize all about and who receives it?

Our short film also sheds light on the background to the HAP Grieshaber Prize. Who was HAP Grieshaber? Why is there a prize named after him, and a highly endowed one at that? Who are the award sponsors? We also answer these questions in our short film. We conducted three very interesting interviews on the premises of VG Bild-Kunst in Bonn. There we met Dr Urban Pappi, Managing Director of VG Bild-Kunst, Dr Karin Lingl, Managing Director of Stiftung Kunstfonds and Dr Anke Schierholz, Head of the Legal Department at VG Bild-Kunst. Just this much: HAP Grieshaber was a German graphic and visual artist from Upper Swabia, who became known above all for his large-format woodcuts and was very committed to the interests of artists. He was one of the driving forces behind the establishment of VG Bild-Kunst. Incidentally, we also explain what the »HAP« in his name stands for.

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VG Bild-Kunst, Künstlerbund


Portrait of the artist Nana Petzet


November – December 2023


  • Research, organisation and planning of the film production in Hamburg and Bonn
  • Filming with own camera, sound and lighting equipment (Sony FX6)
  • Screenplay and direction
  • Post-production and colour grading with AVID Symphony on MacPro
  • 2D graphic animations in After Effects
  • Music research and selection
  • Transcoding for HD utilisation