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The Czech designer Lucie Koldova

Our camera team accompanies the designer in Cologne, Prague and Janstejn in Bohemia

“Light is energy, it's emotion, it's mood,” says Czech designer Lucie Koldova. And the moment we saw her lamps for the first time, we knew exactly what she means. Her lamps have that certain something that you can not escape. But before they decorate a room, they go through a complex production process and the hands of more than thirty people. In the glass factory of Brokis in Janstejn, which manufactures Lucie Koldova's lamps, we could see this. Bohemian glass craft in perfection.

Lucie Koldová graduated from the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague in 2010 and moved to Paris, where she opened her own studio. Shortly afterwards, she caused a sensation with her “Muffins” lighting collection, which she designed for the Czech company Brokis. This was her international breakthrough. Her lamp creations are simple, elegant and designed with great attention to detail. The 34-year-old now lives and works in her home town of Prague again, where she runs her own studio. She is the creative head of the Brokis company, which has been attracting attention for several years with its extraordinary lamps. She also designs for renowned companies such as Per/Use, La Chance and Haymann Edition and designs furniture, jewelry and everyday objects in addition to her lights.

Lighting design with state-of-the-art technology and classic craftsmanship

Lucie Koldová combines classic craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology when implementing her ideas. The designer attaches great importance to the quality of her working material. It should be beautiful and have a certain poetic quality. She is particularly interested in the energy of lighting design. “Light stands for a certain energy: it emits vibrations and has a very seductive effect in combination with glass,” she reveals. She was awarded “Czech Designer of the Year” and “Elle Decoration talent” for her use of glass.

At this year's furniture fair in Cologne, Lucie Koldová designed The House as “Guest of Honor 2018”, showing her vision of living and calling it “Light Levels”. However, before they decorate a room and provide it with light, they undergo a complex production process and pass through the hands of more than thirty people.

In the Brokis glass factory in Janstejn, where Lucie Koldova's lamps are made, the Basiliscus Film camera team is able to observe this beautifully. Bohemian glass craftsmanship at its best.


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Lighting design



January 2018


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