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Otto Jakob – A talented goldsmith

A film report for the television magazine euromaxx

Otto Jakob is not just a goldsmith, he is a jewelry artist. At the age of seventeen, he began making jewelry on his own. His motivation: the masterpieces of the Etruscans, Hellenes and Celts. They cast a spell over him and triggered the start of his work. He studied independently and full of fascination the descriptions of craftsmanship by Pliny and Cellini, sculptors and goldsmiths of antiquity and learned their complex techniques. From 1977 to 1980, Otto Jakob studied painting with Georg Baselitz in Karlsruhe.

Since 1980, the 64-year-old has devoted himself exclusively to the art of goldsmithing. Collectors around the world are now interested in his works of art. He has held exhibitions at Daniel Blau in Munich and Colnaghi and Hancocks in London. From March 11, 2016, the jeweller will be exhibiting his latest creations at TEFAF in Maastricht. But before that, our camera team will be visiting him for the lifestyle magazine euromaxx.


Deutsche Welle TV | euromaxx


Portrait goldsmith



Apri – May 2016


  • Research, organization and planning of the film production in Germany
  • Shooting with own equipment (Sony FS7, Nikon D800)
  • directing and interviews
  • Post production and color grading with AVID Symphony on MacPro
  • Research and music selection
  • Writing the off-text for the speaker
  • Transcoding for HD exploitation