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TV production: The dream of flying

Report for german TV stations – The dream of flying: Otto Lilienthal's heirs

Film production about manufacturers of light aircraft and the longing for an authentic flying experience

125 years ago – in the summer of 1891 – Otto Lilienthal glided about 20 meters through the air from a sand dune near Berlin in a self-built flying machine! This marked the beginning of the age of flight. Even as a child, the German engineer was fascinated by the flight of birds, which he studied intensively until he flew through the air himself.

Our film team followed in Otto Lilienthal's footsteps for Euromaxx and met the Labudde couple, who manufacture ultralight aircraft in their factory in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in the spirit of the aviation pioneer. We also visited the Otto Lilienthal Museum in Anklam and found out why such an aircraft actually stays in the air and doesn't fall from the sky! Pure physics.


Deutsche Welle TV | euromaxx


Ultralight planes


April – May 2016


  • Research, organization and planning of the film production in Germany
  • Shooting with own equipment (Sony FS7, Nikon D800)
  • directing and interviews
  • Post production and color grading with AVID Symphony on MacPro
  • Research and music selection
  • Writing the off-text for the speaker
  • Transcoding for HD exploitation