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Thursday, 24 October 2019

Corporate film: The FabHaus from Australia made in Poland

Who does not dream of it? A modular house that will be built in a few weeks, sustainable, energy efficient and environmentally friendly? The German-Australian architect Julia Thomas designed such a house. She calls it FabHaus, the fabulous house. For a long time she has been busy with the design plans, because she wanted her product to be a passive house that matches all the characteristics of green architecture.

In Australia, it is currently too expensive to commission such a modular building. Moreover, the Australian craftsmen and engineers are far from having the expertise that distinguishes European home builders, Julia Thomas tells us during our film shooting. Through research and good contacts, the architect discovered a production facility in Poland that theoretically suits her expectations.

Cinematic documentation about the development process

But of course she wanted to experience it practically and travelled to Poland to visit the company. She invited us to accompany her on her first visit in order to document the development process of a FabHaus cinematically. Two days we spent in Kwilcz, filmed the negotiation talks between architect and manufacturer and could win a good impression. In any case, Julia Thomas is enthusiastic and soon it is clear that she wants to have her product made here. The idea: The complete house is fabricated in Europe and shipped to Australia. Within about two days then it is assembled by Our FabBuilder, ready for the clients to move in. From order to completion,Julia Thomas allows six months as a general guide. We are impressed too. Now we just want to see how the first modular building of Julia Thomas is set up in Australia. We are planning this trip for 2020 and are already looking forward to seeing how Our FabHaus will continue.

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Thursday, 16 November 2017

TV series: 50 Kitchens, one City - Poland

A cross media film production about Berlin based restaurants

TV and web series with the Polish restaurant tak tak

Even as a teenager Karol A. Kasierski liked to cook the traditional dishes of his grandparents. So it was obvious that the Pole started a cooking education. But after half a year he gave up, somehow he did not like to spend all day in the kitchen. Karol studied marketing, worked as an event manager and communication strategist. On a trip to his homeland he noticed a Polish restaurant chain. He wanted something like that in Berlin too! He developed a strategy: Polish street food, interpreted in a modern way. In the tak tak, his Polish deli, Karol A. Kasierski of course offers pierogi with very different fillings, of course also vegetarian and vegan. „This is absolut necessary in Berlin," says the restaurant manager. But Polish cuisine has much more to offer. With us he cooked Zurek, a sour rye soup, and his favorite dish. With so much love for food, it is not surprising that Karol - although over detours - but then ended up in a restaurant.

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